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Rats Live On No Evil Star
Lance Ito Ito Lance 

It is proven that fabric softener is not good for dog food and Moroccan face veils sunshine swimming pools
Herman Cain is Alive

Die or Ria?
The witness is the only soul 

Youth In Asia
Pangolin lion king cocktail survival 
Lipstick wombat

All Intensive Purposes
Afghanistan ENDED the Soviet Union ENDED IT
People are NOT allergic to peanuts

Rodin’s Balzac

Bearded sofa children love to eat cookies JAJAJAJAJAJAJA 

Grand Sheik Vaj Ina
Herman Cane is Alive
Zogg Fire Shasta 

State of the Arc is State of the Arc

Up and Adam
23278 Tubas in the Sinai desert 
Lance Ito

Ass Burgers Disease
Herman Cain isn't dead. In fact, he CAN'T die. The name Herman Cain is an anagram of "Machine Ran". MACHINE RAN
Herman “Candy” Cane CANNOT die

Fat Man, Fat Man, Little Man, Square Man, Sired Sir…LIKE A DOG

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